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Anais Silban
Tecnalia Eraikuntza Unitatea
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Tecnalia Eraikuntza Unitatea


Tecnalia revitalizes areas of conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina through the use of technology

Tecnalia and Cultural Heritage without Borders are embarking on a new project in Stolac, Bosnia and Herzegovina. This project will promote the protection and preservation of cultural heritage in conflict areas and is funded by the Delegation of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina through Europe Aid.

The project will develop new information and visual communication technologies such as augmented reality. Augmented reality utilizes smartphones to display en situ historic photographs, engravings, maps, short videos and 3D computer reconstructed models of destroyed structures and monuments.  The technology will provide the community not only with a reminder of the past beauty of Stolac but also a vision of the future. For those displaced by war and living elsewhere it will provide them with a multidimensional view of their former home via the Internet. The use of technology will promote cultural tourism and education.

Tecnalia and Cultural Heritage without Borders will work with other partners including the Association of Artists Deblokada and the Tourism Association of Stolac to develop, apply and implement these technological applications.  Together they will work within the community with tour operators, young professionals and children to collect images, create models and conduct educational outreach.  The project partners will also work with associate partners: the Commission to Preserve National Monuments, Faculty of Architecture University of Sarajevo and the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

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2012/12/21 | earle kilvert

Thank you for attempting to preserve that which was lost; albeit in a virtual state. The systematic destruction of the cultural heritage of Stolac was a crime against all who value art and architecture. Tis a more telling tragedy that the destruction was overseen by a Croat art historian.

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