Eva Ibarrola awarded best phd thesis by spanish association of telecommunications engineers

When published: 13/07/12 | Category: Research | Subjects: #Technology

The Spanish Association of Telecommunications Engineers has presented Ms Eva Ibarrola Armendáriz, lecturer and researcher at the Bilbao Higher Technical School of Engineering, with the award for the best PhD thesis in the area of management, economy and regulation, and for the development of a global analysis model which enables evaluating, amongst other factors, the degree of  satisfaction of users with the services provided by Internet operators. This work, moreover, has meant that the University of the Basque Country is the first academic member from Spain on the division given over to the normalisation of the ITU - International Telecommunications Union.

The PhD thesis, entitled ‘Proposal for a methodology in the application of a model for the global management of the QoS in an ISP within the framework of ITU-T G.1000’, has drawn up a system for the scientific measurement of the perception the user has of the Quality of Service (QoS) of his or her provider (ISP), according to current standards and regulations – those of the ITU.
The model drawn up by Ms Ibarrola enormously simplifies the task, as it brings together the key indicators (what the user requires, what the user is offered by the provider, what is really provided and the perception the consumer finally has) under one methodology; and it does so, moreover, distinguishing the level of exigency of each population segment. That is, it introduces into the analysis the possibility that, for example, given the same service, the opinion of a professional user varies with that of a domestic user; or is not completely satisfied with an operator, despite its services being considered technically good. Thus, together with the merely technical indicators, the thesis also introduces the subjective aspects of evaluation.

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