Public University of Navarre participates in two European projects to promote open innovation in universities and companies

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The Public University of Navarre (UPNA) is to receive a total of 217,000 euros for its participation in two of the six EURIS projects to promote open innovation in Europe. These projects are approved by EURIS within the framework of the European “Interreg IV C” programme for transnational cooperation. The total budget for the two projects is over one million euros and the Research Service the Area of Knowledge Transfer and the Department of Business Management at UPNA are to work on the development of a cooperative platform with various European regions and in studying successful cases of businesses that have put open innovation into effect.

Open innovation is a new strategy of innovation in which businesses or government bodies go beyond the internal limits of their organisation to cooperate with external professionals in the development of R+D+i projects.

The Department of Innovation of the Provincial Government of Navarre is leading the EURIS Programme in which regions from Germany, Holland, Hungary and Poland are also participating. UPNA, ANAIN and CEIN are the Navarre-based bodies taking part in some of the EURIS-financed projects. 75% of the aid received by these bodies will come from European funding while the remaining 25% from the Government of Navarre. The end goal is that universities, companies and technological centres can come together and to acquire knowledge and apply open innovation within Navarre. The projects are due to be finished by November of next year.

Open research platform

The aim of the ORP (Open Research Platform) project is to develop a web-based platform for open research and put it into practice. This involves an online platform that will enable the dissemination of the scientific and technological provision of universities and other bodies, the boosting of EIBTs (Tecnology-Based Innovative Enterprises), the exploitation of industrial ownership and the joint participation in research projects – all this in an environment open to companies, centres of learning, capital-risk bodies, etc.

The core of the project is a web portal that provides the wherewithal for this cooperation, accompanied by other actions, such as the analysis of sources of information available in the systems of regional innovation as well as studying predominant models of innovation amongst companies in the regions involved.

Business models with open innovation

The financed project is known as BMOI (Business Model for Open Innovation), the aim of which is to provide practical knowledge to enterprises and PYMES (small and medium-sized companies) on how to apply business models that will enable them to benefit from open innovation, either through good working practices, training content and practical models and/or policy recommendations.

The research will enable comparing the level of openness of regional systems of innovation by measuring their practices in open innovation, as well as proposing models for those companies that wish to benefit from open innovation. In concrete, at UPNA cases of Navarre companies in the agricultural food, mechanical/automobile and renewable energy sectors that have changed their business model will be analysed, and wherein the use of open innovation has enabled them to enhance the value of their products on offer.




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Victoria Alfonso Seminario

Author: Victoria Alfonso Seminario (Universidad Pública de Navarra)