Inasmet-Tecnalia and Fenin sign agreement on promoting technological innovation in the health sector

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The Spanish Federation of Health Technology Enterprises (Fenin) and the INASMET-Tecnalia Technological Centre have signed a joint working agreement for the promotion of technological research and innovation in the sphere of health.

INASMET-Tecnalia has been designing and developing health material applications since 1995. Since then it has consolidated a significant amount of research and technological transfer activity both in the industrial as well as in the medical-hospital sectors. The agreement reached will enable a greater intensity of development and advances in the field of biomaterials, nanotechnology and biotechnology.

Over the last few years, the Health Technology sector in Spain has undertaken a notable innovative drive, thus improving quality in patient care as well as savings in health care costs in the medium term. Both benefits have a fundamental role, without any doubt, in the sustainability of the Health System.

With the signing of this joint working agreement, both bodies will benefit from pooling knowledge, experience and projects. Thus, Fenin will be able to avail of the INASMET-Tecnalia advice and consultancy services for participation in R+D+i programmes. Both Fenin and INASMET-Tecnalia will take part in the conferences and seminars that either organise around themes of common interest.

Biomaterials, Nanotechnology and Biotechnology are the main lines of research at INASMET-Tecnalia’s Health Unit, the centre developing a significant amount of research and technological transfer activity both in the industrial (manufacturers of health products) as well as in the medical-hospital sectors. Besides, with the help of Fondo Sortek funding, the technological centre promotes and supports the creation of new, technologically-based enterprises...

For its part, Fenin has amongst its fundamental aims the development of health technologies, innovation and technological transfer. Innovation has undoubtedly become the key factor in competitiveness for any company and particularly in the Health Technology sector. This is why at Fenin it is hoped that the joint working agreement with INASMET-Tecnalia will be fruitful and help in the growth of innovation in Spain.

Research projects in Biomedicine

With this joint working agreement, Fenin wishes to promote participation in the research projects of their associated companies. The first project launched is BIOAVAN (aimed at the functionalisation of polymers for the manufacture of advanced biomedical products).

The BIOAVAN project aims to contribute to improving the overall competitiveness in the Health Products sector, to the international profiling of small and medium-sized companies, to the development of Patents and to the export of health products. Health Sector data in Spain shows that there is a great dependence on technological material (it is estimated that only 20% of technology consumed is produced internally), which strongly contrasts with its industrial position within the framework of the EU and with the economic volume of its market.

In this context it is strategic to encourage the generation of scientific knowledge based on the convergence of new technologies (biomaterials, micro- and nanotechnologies, biotechnology, tissue engineering, surfaces engineering, and so on) with the aim of designing and developing innovative health products of medium to high-level technology and focused on specific niches or segments of the market in order to become market leaders in these niches or segments.

The BIOAVAN project holds key knowledge and know-how for its success and enjoys the collaboration of highly prestigious public research bodies: the Centro Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), the University of the Basque Country, the Complutense University of Madrid, the University of Valladolid, the Centro for Minimum Invasive Surgery, the University of Alcalá de Henares and the Vigo Hospital Complex.

The aim of the project is the design and development of multifunctional polymeric materials for the manufacture of biomedical products, such as polymeric materials with antibacterian and antithrombotic properties, heat-mouldable polymeric materials and biodegradable polymeric materials.

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