Nanotechnology reports and the White Paper on Electronic Organics and Displays

When published: 22/02/05 | Category: Research | Subjects: #Technology

CIDETEC is taking part in drawing up two reports on European Strategy in Nanotechnology, the main conclusion being that Nanotechnology is going to have a strong impact on European industry and on society in general over the next ten years, affecting important sectors such as chemistry, construction of materials, biotechnology, information and telecommunications technology, safety and health.

In a parallel way, CIDETEC has also been consulted in drawing up another report co-ordinated by the Dutch Centre of Expertise in Life Sciences on the creation of a European centre with powers of decision over the impact of Nanotechnology on the environment and for human. The new centre will study, amongst other areas, the effect on health of nanoparticles shed from medical implant and the biopersistence of nanoparticules when used in medication doses, etc.

At the same time, CIDETEC is also collaborating on a White Paper on Electronic Organics and Displays. It is the only body in the Spanish State that has taken part in this White Paper. In this, recent developments in Electronic Organics and Displays are analysed and action proposed in order to maintain the strength of European research and industry in this field.

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Soledad Larrocha Redondo

Author: Soledad Larrocha Redondo (Fundación CIDETEC)