TECNALIA, the largest applied research grouping within the private sector in the Spanish state

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TECNALIA – the Technological Corporation made up of the technological centres AZTI, ESI, INASMET, LABEIN, ROBOTIKER and LEIA – consolidated itself in 2003 as the largest private sector applied research group in Spain with a turnover of nearly 70 million euros and a workforce of more than 1,100 researchers.

The VI R+D Framework Programme approved a total of 56 research projects presented by the Corporation, which will receive funding from the EU of nearly 13 million euros. These projects are all involved with cutting edge technological and social developments such as biotechnology, nanotechnology, microenergy, wireless applications, aeronautics and food safety and quality, amongst others.

Likewise, in the last few years, TECNALIA has consolidated its presence in 18 industrial and economic sectors, with 350 applications involving 36 diverse technologies.

In line with the bases of the Strategic Plan 2002-2006, TECNALIA put four sector units into action in 2003. These units – directed at the Automotive, Energy, Smelting and Marine sectors – bring together and optimise the various offers that the Corporation members have for these sectors.

In 2003, TECNALIA also extended its policy of alliances and agreements in collaboration with external agents such as the University. As a result, joint-working agreements were signed with three universities: the University of the Basque Country, the Carlos III University of Madrid and the Catholic Pontifical University of Chile. At the same time, negotiations were begun with the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), signed last February, and which have culminated in a joint working agreement.

Also within this global aim are the joint working agreements signed in 2003 with the Basque enterprise clusters in the automotive sector (Acicae) and the telecommunications sector (Gaia).

In 2003, TECNALIA also asked for membership of the European Association of Research & Technology Organisations (EARTO), a request recently accepted. EARTO brings together the main R+D corporations and groups in the world.

Amongst the most interesting technological initiatives from TECNALIA in 2003 there are two notable ones: Nobatek and Xpin.

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Pablo Melchor

Author: Pablo Melchor (MBN Comunicación, S.A.)